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Courses – Professional training

The managers of Accomodation organise Training Courses for therapists every year in two specific fields:

Zero Balancing

It is a manual therapeutic technique focused on balancing body structure and energy, through stretching and pressure points (fulcrums) in specific spots that helps the body energy (pain, tension, stress, anxiety, vibration) to re-balance depending on the needs of the body and it is distributed via the skeleton, without invading nor manipulating, offering the body an opportunity to change.


  • Better well-being
  • Decrease in stress
  • Personal development and growth
  • Self-esteem.
  • Less pain, body discomfort
  • It improves your posture
  • It helps in transformation processes
  • It increases peace, harmony, serenity and balance
  • Unleashes cellular memory
  • Re-focuses our vital history

It is a 2-year course. The theoretical-practical training is divided into 4 intensive 4-day courses, with practical revision sessions in-between, carried out weekly via internet, individual work experience which must be documented and two themes that will be studied in the second year.

This course will be directed by Ona Dausà, clinical nurse and psychotherapist, the only person in Spain qualified to teach Zero Balancing.

This is a course aimed at all those people that want to complete training in manual therapies and psychotherapy.

Those who would like more detailed information on this type of therapeutic technique can look at the following web page:

Self-esteem massage

It is a manual massage with the purpose of learning to transmit tenderness when touching with a present and very respectful contact, yet soft and firm at the same time. It is carried out all over the body with oil to transmit relaxation, well-being and serenity to both who is giving the massage and who is receiving it.

This is a course aimed at those people (professional or personal) that want to learn to share the massage without invading or manipulating.

It is a practical, day-long course.

Among its facilities, the hotel has two rooms, one of 60 and the other of 30 square metres, divided by a mobile partition wall, which can consequently be drawn back to form a large room of 90 square metres, ideal for company meetings.

Also, the centre rents the rooms for professionals that wish to organise courses, meetings or seminars.