The Somlom wellness center has a team of highly qualified healthcare professionals with extensive experience in each of the services we offer in order to guarantee an excellent, personalized and close service. Next, we introduce the Somlom health and well-being team:



Founder of Somlom. nurse

​I have been a nurse since 1982, specialist in support relationships and end-of-life processes.

​For me, being a nurse means being able to accompany people to regain health, calmness, poise, joy and well-being. Being open to being able to offer people what they need.

Teacher of Self Esteem Massage. Trainer in emotional management, bereavement, loss, death, how to give bad news..., among other subjects,

International teacher of Zero Balancing since 2004,

Osteopathy sessions, cranio-sacral therapy or therapeutic massage.

Bruno Forte has been dedicated to Body Therapy since 2015. He has trained and worked in different forms of therapy in Spain, Thailand, Italy and Australia. His path in the therapeutic field is deeply connected to his life experiences and his inner path.

Its therapeutic proposal, focused on osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy and therapeutic massage, is based on these osteopathic principles:
- Health is the natural state of the human being and the purpose of treatment is to reconnect with this state.
- The human being is a functional dynamic unit and the body has self-healing mechanisms. These mechanisms are stimulated to remove what blocks them.

In the treatments, there is usually a global physical and psycho-emotional assessment of the person's state to choose the best way to work.
They can be general treatments to reharmonize the structures of the body or specific treatments for ailments of different natures (e.g. cervicalgias, torticollis, backaches, lumbar pains, sciatica pains, joint pains, etc.).
There is also the possibility of raising awareness of psycho-emotional issues related to the reason for the consultation.
Todo tejido brings information related to the body's intrinsic wisdom. Together we find what he wants to communicate

Masseuse and shiatsu specialist

15 years ago, I trained in chiromassage, reflexology and, later, in shiatsu therapy, which establishes a highly sensitive communication between the client and my hands,

Shiatsu was discovered in the 1920s, in Japan, by master Tokujiro Namikoshi. The basic shiatsu technique is named after him and works on the body based on Chinese medicine and its energy meridian system; that is to say, it would be a kind of "acupuncture without needles".

From his disciples, two sides have been born, I work the Aze technique, which was developed by master Onoda, with whom I studied Jyuku Shiatsupractor, which incorporates, in addition to the basic work of all the lines of the body, mobilizations and stretches to release structures.

"The heart of shiatsu is like a mother's love; the pressure on the body, stimulates the source of life". Namikoshi



Quiromasaje, reflexología podal, facioterapia, reiki, craneofacial, drenatge linfàtico.

Psychologist therapist of the Grinberg method, masseuse, foot reflexologist.

30 years ago I started with foot massage and reflexology.
Later I learned about the Grinberg method and have been dedicated for about 20 years.

This method serves to connect with the body, learning to bring our attention to the body and, by
so much, removing the weight that we normally give to the mind.
Working with the muscles (massage) and breathing are elementary tools to achieve this.
They are conscious massages. We work on tensions/pains with breathing so that we can let them go.

If anyone is interested in knowing which qualities are somewhat forgotten and which are overused, ho
we can look with a Foot Reading. It's a tool I use to have a global view of the

I do:
– decontracting, relaxing massages
– head and face + hands + feet massages
– foot reflexology
– conscious massage
– foot reading and conscious massage